Special note to subscribers!

My beautiful wife and I are rolling our websites into a single collective–when you go to any page that had been on https://meredithakatz.wordpress.com, you’ll notice that it now automatically forwards to a matching page on http://www.softcryptid.com instead! We’re very excited by our new domain name (because honestly Soft Cryptids are like, our mutual aesthetic) and the chance to share our work together.

Everything should be moved over, including comments (super important to me given the role they played in my yearly October interactive fiction!), though we’re still making some final tweaks.

But — the one thing I couldn’t move over was your subscriptions to the website. In order to continue to get email updates of new posts, please head on over to http://www.softcryptid.com and enter your email in the sidebar. I’d love to keep you with me through this move!

Gay Book Reviews – Reader’s Best of 2017

Here’s a fun thing going on over at Gay Book Reviews for readers to vote for their favorite M/M book of 2017! You can pick up to 3 (and can fill it in at the bottom to add it in if not already on the list). Looks like, once this closes, the top ten books will move on to a final round of voting.

Also… my book Empty Vessels is on the nomination list. If you read and enjoyed it, it’d be awesome if you’d be willing to vote for it!

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that we’re totally safe and cozy up here. Storm barely had any effect where we are–I didn’t even hear the wind, so other than a little rain outside it was just another Saturday 🙂

Queer reads in the Rita Awards 2016!

Congratulations to:

Alexis Hall (whose Glitterland I reviewed here) for winning the Erotic Romance category with For Real!

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy for winning the Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length category with Him!

Both are m/m stories and I’m looking forward to reading them. 🙂

And of course, congratulations to all other winners, listed here.

Edited to add:
Last year, the Rita Awards included The Saint by Tiffany Reisz, where both the male and the female protags were bi. Check that out while you’re at it! Congrats again to all winners, and thanks to the Rita Awards for including queer romance both this year and last.