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Books I’ve posted reviews of to my blog! Unless mentioned in that review, all the reviews I write are for books with queer content. I usually review books I consider 3 star or above, because I want to promote things I enjoyed.

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Peter Darling – Austin Chant  – [Gay, Trans]
The Merro Tree
– Katie Waitman  – [Bi (m/m main pairing), poly characters]
To Summon Nightmares – J.K. Pendragon – [Gay, Trans]
Letters for Lucardo – Noora Heikkilä – [Gay, Graphic Novel]
(Hexworld #1) – Jordan L. Hawk – [Gay]
Long Macchiatos and Monsters
– Alison Evans – [Genderqueer, Trans]
The Bone Key – Sarah Monette – [Gay]
A Tree of Bones (Hexslinger book 3)
 – Gemma Files – [Gay, Bisexual]
A Rope of Thorns (Hexslinger book 2)
– Gemma Files – [Gay, Bisexual]
A Book of Tongues (Hexslinger book 1) – Gemma Files – [Gay, Bisexual]
Half Wild (Half Bad book 2) – Sally Green –  [Gay, Bisexual, YA]
A Distant Soil – The Gathering – Colleen Doran – [Gay, Graphic Novel]
Half Bad (Half Bad book 1) – Sally Green – [Gay, Bisexual, YA]
Style – Chelsea Cameron – [Lesbian, YA]
Ash – Malinda Lo – [Lesbian, Bisexual, YA]
The Manny Files – Christian Burch – [Middle School, Side Characters]
The Second Mango – Shira Glassman – [Lesbian, YA]
Glitterland – Alexis Hall – [Gay]
The Unintentional Time Traveler – Everett Maroon – [Genderqueer, Questioning, YA]


A list of works I’d recommend, but which I haven’t written a full review for 

Ravenhearth by Lotus Oakes (Fantasy/Romance)

In a world covered in a deadly miasma, humans survive under the protection of the Keepers, powerful and mysterious mages. In Ash’s village, one person is selected every 10 years to go to the castle of Ravenhearth and become the Keeper’s companion. Ash, a young orphan who dreams of learning magic, chooses this fate for himself, but his heart soon grows conflicted when he meets Giles, Ravenhearth’s butler…

My comment: I was lucky enough to get to pre-read this one, and I adored it! Ash is a really delightful point of view character, and I loved the chemistry and tension in the developing romance. The cast as a whole is really solid, and I ended up falling in love with a bunch of side characters along the way.

Simon’s Cat by Lotus Oakes (Fantasy/Romance)
When Simon’s father dies, he leaves his oldest brother the business, his middle brother the house, and Simon, the youngest, his beloved Pet, Cat. While his brothers quarrel about what to do with the remains of their father’s estate, all Simon wants is for his family to go back to the way it was. He’s sure money will help. And clever Cat has an idea of how to get it.

My comment: A delightful retelling of Puss in Boots in a fantasy/futuristic setting. I LOVED Cat as a character, and I thought Simon was a sweetheart. It’s full of action, adventure, and trickery.

Feast for a King by Kosmic (Sci-fi/horror webcomic) 

This world has gone terribly wrong. Worms—monsters who take many forms, but at their core are wriggling horrors—have taken over and humans are at risk, though fighting back. To the amnesiac human who wakes in an area that had been sealed off due to being full of worms and finds themself in an arena with corpses being eaten all around them, there’s no understanding what’s gone on. Monsters are everywhere, some friendly, most not. And the human who shows up to rescue them might not be the best sort, either. But to fully understand what’s going on, we’ll have to go further back…

My comment: I was introduced to FFAK within the last month and read everything like I was starving. The webcomic is written free-form without scripts and is an engaging, terrifying, delightful read full of exactly the types of monsters I like and a lot of complex political and emotional byplay. The story shifts between time periods and locations but is always building forward and I highly advise just putting your questions on the back-burner and letting the story answer them as it develops. Warning: nsfw for sex, nudity, and gore. The author has a full list of warnings on the webpage.